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Use TMY file at User Defined Site


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Hi all,

Is there a way to use TMY data at a user defined site? I have imported my TMY data, but I can't seem to make it available to my site. I can make a site specific to that TMY data, though I worry that the latitude is too far off from my actual site. Maybe it would be inappropriate to use TMY at a different site and it's not possible to do in PVsyst... advice?

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Where is your TMY data from? Maybe you can:

1) change the coordinates in the tmy data file to match the site you want to use. The import into PVsyst as usual. When you load your project, you will have your desired site selected, and then you can switch to your MET file with the desired tmy data

2) create the site, then use the ASCII input method to import your tmy data, selecting the site you want to be associated to it

3) change the project settings and increase the distance allowed for met files to be used from the site


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