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Does anyone know the exact definition of the following:

- Pitch (spacing plus height of the modules, or projection of such to the ground base on tilt?)

- Coll. band width (height of the modules or projection to the ground based on tilt?)

- Top/bottom inactive band

- Ground area occupatino ratio, or A(coll) and A(ground). It seems this is not equivalent to "ground cover ratio", an NREL term, correct? GCR is a comparison of horizontal projections, whereas GAOR seems to compare lengths at different angles?

Anyway, a graphic in the help section would be useful. I'm trying to guess based on the little graphic but it's hard to really tell.


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Pitch: Post to post distance

Coll. band width: width of the modules regardless of angle, i.e. if two in portrait, coll. band width is length of module * 2 + spacing between modules

Inactive band: distance the underlying structure extends past the module area. Often times this is zero.

GAOR: collector width/pitch


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