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I suggest more opportunities to save a project. For example, I started a project by defining a site and then attempted to create a variant. I had defined my orientation and most of my system when I realized my inverter type was not an option. I had to exit the variant to create my inverter. Or maybe I had to switch to a new task. Either way, I could not save the work I had started on this variant.

When creating inverters and other components, I recommend a "save as" option. I am trying to enter an American version of an AE inverter, and it would be nice to be able to start with the European counterpart and adjust where there are differences.


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For the variant saving conditions, we have thought a lot. We give the possibility of saving when a minimum of parameter's coherency is met.

For the components, the "Save as" is available when exiting the component by "0K", as soon as you have modified something in the component.

You can of course open an existing component, modify the parameters as function of a "new" datasheet, and save your component when clicking OK. This is the recommeded procedure.

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