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Shade Analysis on "twin modules" with half-cells


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I was reading the "How are managed the new "twin modules" with half-cells ?" http://forum.pvsyst.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=2932&p=7534#p7534. See the following attachments #1 and #2.

Is it accurate for me to run a shading analysis on the "twin modules" with "According to Module Strings"?

1- I set up a single axis (N-S Axis) with no backtracking with each row = 1 x 87 modules (equal strings of 29) (see attachment #1)

2- I set up the Partition in Module Chains:

Number of strings

In width= 2 (Dotted line going from North to south)

in height=3 (dotted line going from East to west)

(see attachment #1)

3- Run the shade model.

The fact that I am dividing each row in half, would that have the same effect as if it was the "twin module"? (see attachment #2)



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