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Module Quality Loss


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Hey Andre ,

I wanted to know as to how PVsyst takes into account the Positive tolerance of the module in the calculation? Like you've explained in your article , for a Tolerance of 0 to +3 % , you take quarter which is -0.75% indicating over performance , Does this mean that while calculating the software will randomly generate modules with a Peak power varying from 0% ( Rated Name plate [power ) to 0.75% (that is Rated + 0.75% * Rated Name plate Power) Extra power ?

What if i take it zero ? Since the Tolerance has already been Mentioned in the PAN File.

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No. The Module Quality Loss is a constant factor, applied as constant derate factor at each step of the simulation.

If you define a negative loss factor (for accounting for the positive sorting), this will give a gain.

The tolerance is mentioned in the PAN file. This doesn't mean that it is accounted for in the simulation. Its only use in the software is indeed for the default of this parameter.

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