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Creating an irregular field of sheds


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I use PVsyst everyday on my job. I use to do simulations of PV Farms about 2 MW

I consider Ground Mount PV Arrays as a Sheds, but is difficult to draw irregular pv fields

I have seen a report from other company that is able to draw irregular arrays


I want to know the way to do it.



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Hello davidv86,

I would suggest that you use the "Zones of tables" tool in the shading scene.

Please refer to the PVsyst help section called "Project design > Shadings > Near Shadings: 3D construction > Construction tools > Zones of tables".

This way you will be able to fill any area with PV tables, and if you imported ground data the generated tables will land on it automatically.

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Thank you very much for your response.

Actually I have only one doubt

When you define a Zone of table, does not appear the shed to shed slope, that is important for considering the N-S slope of the terrain.

Could yo give me some feedback aboud this,?

Thanks in advance


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