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  1. Hello, I am trying to import Meteonorm Horizon files form here for simulating with the Horizon profile which means far shadings. https://meteonorm.com/en/horizon-tiles I have uploaded the file to the software, but when the file is imported, there are not points depicted inside the drawing: https://ibb.co/PM9M0Bq ¿What could be the problem with that? Thanks,
  2. Sylvain, Thank you very much for your response. Actually I have only one doubt When you define a Zone of table, does not appear the shed to shed slope, that is important for considering the N-S slope of the terrain. Could yo give me some feedback aboud this,? Thanks in advance David
  3. Hello, I use PVsyst everyday on my job. I use to do simulations of PV Farms about 2 MW I consider Ground Mount PV Arrays as a Sheds, but is difficult to draw irregular pv fields I have seen a report from other company that is able to draw irregular arrays http://thumbs.subefotos.com/d827b07a1edec2c73a721bf3b354367fo.jpg I want to know the way to do it. Thanks David
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