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Module layout setting


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I'm an engineer from a module manufacturer, we are preparing to release the Pan file based on the new module layout which using the half cell technology, and now we meet one problem that is the module layout in PVsyst just has the options of how many cells in parallel and how many cells in series, but actually for the half cell module layout, the circuit layout is "in series-in parallel-in series", you can refer to the attachment, as you know the module layout has a big impact on the shading loss and hot spot temperature behavior, so how can I set the accurate module layout in PVsyst?





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At first sight ...

When cells are shaded in one only sub-string, the module current will be limited to half the normal current.

As soon as cells are shaded in both sub-strings of one submodule, the submodule will behave in the normal way.

NB: we don't intend to implement such a specific case in PVsyst, unles this becomes a general layout adopted by a signigicant number of manufacturers.

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