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Is there anyway to force simulation?


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I am doing an analysis on a CNPV 295 solar modules with a SMA sunny central 800CP-US inverter. I have encounter a problem where the program recommend using 18 and 19 module in series, but I have contacted SMA and they said 20 modules/string is possible in my location. With that being said I set the 20 modules in series and 136 strings using the same inverter previously stated and I cannot do the simulation. It gave me this error "The array VoC at -10 C is greater than the inverter absolute max input voltage."

Is there anyway for me to bypass that and force the simulation for me to see the result??

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This is a safety condition: the inverter maximum input voltage should never be overcome: this could damage the input electronics.

Now Voc voltage of a PV array depends on the temperature: the practice is to take here the lower ambient temperature ever observed on the site.

In middle regions of Europe the usual practice is to take -10°C (except in mountains where it should be lower).

In the USA, people uses to takes the minimum observed during last 30 years.

You can define this temperature in the Project dialog:

- in the version 5: button "Site and Meteo > Next".

- in the version 6: button "Albedo and settings"

If you really want to overcome this limit (at your own risk), you have to change the VmaxAbs value in the inverter's definition (and sometimes also the limit for the PV module).

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I know this is an old post, but in case anyone else also has this issue... the way to override (in latest version 6.25) is to go into your Project Dialogue window, and under Parameters select "Albedo - settings" button. In there, change your "Lower temperature for Absolute Voltage limit" to your site's lowest expected temp.

In my case it is just 2-deg C in sunny Southern California, so using the forced default of -10-deg C would be a very bad idea for my project.

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