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Electrical loss in Unlimited Shed & According to string


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Hi everyone and Mr Mermoud,

I have a very simple question easy to answer probably,

I am currently reading the "Optimization of row arrangement in PV systems, shading loss evaluations according to module positioning and connexions" report written by Mr Mermoud.

I read this :

"The preceding calculations have been done using the "unlimited sheds" part of PVsyst, which uses the hypothesis that when the bottom cell is shaded, the whole string doesn't produce any electricity more."

and the next sentence

"That is, if you have one string in the width of the row, the system doesn't produce anything more except for the diffuse part."

So, when using Unlimited shed, when one cell is shaded (or let's say one sub module), is there no electricity production or is there a production with the diffuse ?

Is there any simplification when using Unlimited shed with the shading losses treatment, comparing to "According to string" or "According to module layout" 3D near shading options ?

Thank you in advance.

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