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  1. Yes, I downloaded v6.8.3 and it works fine now! Thank you so much!
  2. Hey guys, I'm running into a problem in PVsyst, when defining a new geographical site and when trying to import PVGIS TMY. It gives the following error: http://i63.tinypic.com/99qq2v.png Is it still possible to get PVGIS data from PVsyst? Thanks!
  3. Thank you for your answer! I created a new geographical site in Databases --> Geographical Sites. Then I selected the new geographical site created and in the meteo data import selected PVGIS TMY, clicked import and it gave me some data without any type of input from pvgis (at least from my part). This means PVsyst contains the database that PVGIS uses to give the data without needing to manually acess the PVGIS website? What is the difference between this method and the old one? (when I say old one I'm refering to the tab Monthly Radiation in PVGIS and the calculated webpage output)
  4. Hey guys, Today I had a problema with importing data from PVGIS to PVsyst. Tuesday I went the the PVGIS website, in the monthly radiation part, insert the coordinates and clicked calculate to retrieve the webpage with the output. Then I copied everything that was on the window and opened PVsyst --> Project Design --> Grid-Connected --> Meteo Database --> Import Meteo Data After that I had the option to import what was on the clipboard and it worked fine. Today I can't find that option and I don't know how to import the PVGIS data. Does anyone know what is the problem? My PVsyst version is 6.78 and the PVGIS 4 website data. Thank you!
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