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  1. Hi, I imported a ground csv file and tried to adapt arrays of tables of modules to the different slopes of the terrain. So I used in total 6 groupes of tables with different basline and shed to shed slope. Now closing the shading scene and updating automatically the orientation parameters PVsyst sees orientations that are different from the real tilt and azimuth that I see in the shading scene for every array of tables I used, so I cannot indentify the exact number of modules withe one or another orientation to then be able to do a proper power shading with correct number of strings for each orientation. How does PVsyst choose the orientation parameters? Does pvsyst groups similar shed's orientartion in a avarage position ? Beacause of the 4 orentation that PVsyst sees, 2 are actually present in the shading scene and the other 2 are not so. (this is the values I'm reffering to as "real tilt/azimuth" and that I manually defined in the orientation parameters for every group of sheds) (the message error that blocks me) (the different groups of sheds) Thank you
  2. Hi, I was wondering if Pvsyst during the shading loss simulation takes into account the half cut technology modules or when a module in landscape is shaded on the lower half PVsyst considers the entire module bypassed ? Second thing, when doing partitions do I need to create a partition that divides the module in half (landscape configuration) to take the half cut modules into account or not and PVsyst considers that already by default ? Thank you
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