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  1. version 7.2.16 document assembly is not allowed! This is quite a problem for including it in the other documents.
  2. I would like to report following bug: Please see on the enclosed picture, field “Table choice”. It shows Table Row#66 Col#3, but on the drawing, it shows Row#36 Col#3 (hidden by comment) and in yellow Table Row#66 Col#3, Module depending on module and Inverter #6 String #8 or #depending on position. I believe that shown on the drawing is wrong (Row#36 Col#3). Here is Col# right, but that is not the rule. Additionally in the yellow box Inverter# do not correspond to the list of inverters MPPTs and strings. I see this as serious inconsistency in program markings and suggest to be corrected.
  3. To anyone who concerns: I'm working on 10 MW (12,5 MWp) PV plant, and have a problem that the investor requested to rearrangement of all MPPTs not as originally designed as two strings per table on one MPPT (bottom and upper row), but to connect upper rows of different tables on one row and lower rows of different tables in another. He also requests a model of PVP in PVSyst using Module layout and detailed losses. I already made a model with the layout of the old connections and now I have to rearrange it. As you probably know with such PVPs Module layout tool is quite slow and it is time-consuming to rearrange connections. Questions: 1. Is there any way to make this faster? Another tool? Input from excel? 2. I have an idea to automatically, with a comparison table from xls (vba+xls reconfiguration table), reconfigure the version file from the projects folder, but I can not find the string to the inverter to mppt connection in PVSyst project files. I already extracted string-table connections, but missed a string to mppt. Please support me to establish this connection and make program reconnection. Of course, I shall do it at my risk and responsibility. 3. Do you have detailed description and locations of PVSyst files. A lot of things are clear, but for example previously mentioned connection I couldn't find. My suggestion is that you provide a layout import tool from XLS for this module. Thank you in advance. Best regards, Borko
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