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  1. Hi everyone, long time PVsyst user, first post on the forums - hoping I can get some pointers here 🤞 I'm designing a 10MWp Solar Farm for a tender and part of the formal submission requires us to give accurate generation figures for 30 years using the PVsyst Aging Tool. We may be subject to heavy fees in the future if we build the system and it doesn't hit these generation figures, so it's really important that I get this right 😬 I've never used this tool before, wondering where to source some of the figures, such as Imp RMS dispersion, Vmp RMS dispersion, Individual PV modules Global degrad factor, and mismatch degrad factor. I have the panel datasheet (attached), but that only seems to give the module's warranty %'s. Where would I find the other figures, do you just reach out to the panel manufacturer? Best regards, Jack CS-BiHiKu7_CS7N-MB-AG_v1.7_F43M_J1_NA.pdf
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