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  1. Hey Markus, Sorry for the late reply, since this post I've moved to a new company which has many other experienced PVsyst users - they seem to only adjust the figures in the "module warranty" section based on degradation percentage values given by the panel datasheet. They don't seem to do anything with the other figures, they just leave them to their default values, but our company works on very large solar projects, so at the moment I'm trusting their judgement and assuming that's a safe way to simulate aging (fingers crossed!). Other than that, I'm afraid I haven't learned much more on the matter, sorry! Best regards, Jack
  2. When creating a 3D shading scene, you have the option to fill zones with tables of solar, and you can determine things like the panel tilt, number of panels, portrait or landscape etc. A feature which I think would be advantageous would be if there was an option to click "include half tables" so that when you fill an area with tables, it will add in a half table at the end of a row if there is space. I regularly use PVsyst's shading scene to get a quick idea of how much solar can fit in a given area, and often find myself using the Zone editing function, then manually going in and adding in half tables, which can take quite a bit of time. Of course, this only works if your tables are an even number of panels wide (say you had 2x18 tables, you could have 2x9 half tables for example). Not sure if this might be a coding nightmare for you guys, but thought I'd just at least suggest it as I thought it would be useful to have - thanks! ?
  3. Hi everyone, long time PVsyst user, first post on the forums - hoping I can get some pointers here ? I'm designing a 10MWp Solar Farm for a tender and part of the formal submission requires us to give accurate generation figures for 30 years using the PVsyst Aging Tool. We may be subject to heavy fees in the future if we build the system and it doesn't hit these generation figures, so it's really important that I get this right ? I've never used this tool before, wondering where to source some of the figures, such as Imp RMS dispersion, Vmp RMS dispersion, Individual PV modules Global degrad factor, and mismatch degrad factor. I have the panel datasheet (attached), but that only seems to give the module's warranty %'s. Where would I find the other figures, do you just reach out to the panel manufacturer? Best regards, Jack CS-BiHiKu7_CS7N-MB-AG_v1.7_F43M_J1_NA.pdf
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