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Reg-Generation of less units by using Backtracking.


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Dear Sir,

Ive done PVsyst generation for certain GCR 0.25 with backtracking and with out backtracking and ive observed that with Backtracking im getting less generation of units when compared to with out backtracking and this problem ive face for almost three GCR's (0.33,0.50), So can you please revert back me.

V Anand Rao

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First of all, please make sure that without backtracking you have well defined the mutual shad8ings in the 3D scene.

Now with or without backtracking the result is usually very similar.

With backtracking you loose irradiance due to the trackers's onrientations, when without backtracking you have shefing losses.

But in both cases you intercept about the same "tube" of light.

See our FAQ What can I gain with Backtracking strategy ?

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