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How to import projects or components from another workspace

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PVsyst allows to import projects or components directly from another workspace. This feature is particularly useful if you have multiple workspaces and you want to merge them in one. Note that you have to merge them two by two.

How to proceed:


  • - PVsyst menu allows to open the Import PVsyst projects and components dialog

    - Then the button allows to specify the workspace (\PVsyst640_Data\) you want to import from. The content of this workspace appears on left side

    - Note that the content of your current/local workspace appears on the right side

    - Note also that you can find detailed information on this dialog in PVsyst help either directly by using the help button (?) or after opening PVsyst help by navigating to:

    Technical aspects > File organisation > User data > Projects and PV components >

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