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Helios 3D and fences


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Hi all,

How does everyone implement fencing when importing from Helios 3D? To date I've been manually defining them in PVsyst so I can create them as thin objects, but that's time-consuming. I've been trying to convert them in C3D/H3D into meshes (a task in itself), but when I import one it causes PVsyst to crash.

(I think that's because they end up as being topologically identical to an open cylinder, rather than being a closed solid)

Suggestions welcome!


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The calculations of shadings in PVsyst don't indeed like the "holes" in the shading objects.

Therefore you are advised to define fences as 1 or two long parallelepipeds (and define them as thin objects).

The result will be the same. The vertical poles of the fences don't contribute significantly.

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