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How is defined the Tracking axis azimuth ?

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With single axis tracking systems, the problem of defining a not null axis orientation is indeed not simple and confusing.

In the 3D scene definitions, you have 2 ways of defining the axis azimuth:

1. - Either you define the axis orientation in the tracking parameters. In this case the orientation will be defined within the tracker's set object, and you will obtain trackers "shifted" with respect to each others.

2. - Or you define Axis Azimut = 0° in the tracking parameters, and you will have a correct "rectangular" disposition of your trackers within the Trackers set object. Now when including this object in the global scene, you can give an azimuth to this Tracker's object, and finally you will get a tracking axis azimuth with respect to the geographic coordinates.

The azimuth specified in the "Orientation" part is indeed the axis orientation within the tracker's object (tracking parameters), it will be not null in the first case and null in the second case.

The report will mention the final azimuth, with respect to the Geographic coordinates.

NB: the backtracking results of a complex analytic calculation. We established the algorithm for the second case, but we couldn't find a satisfying one for the first case. Therefore the Backtracking is forbidden for the first case.

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