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Results - Hourly tables


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Hello everyone!

I am using PVsyst 6.3.8

I would like to know if it is somehow possible to get the results (mostly for the energy produced by the solar panels) in the shape of a table with hourly values, throughout a whole year.

Indeed, I managed to get tables with hourly values (by copying the graphs values into an Excel file), but these values are only available day by day... And I don't really want to go through this process for the 365 days of a year :D

Does someone here know how to do that? :)

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Dear André,

I would like to confirm that:

* Effective energy at the output of the array is the DC power of the array once all the losses within the panels have been taken into account.

* Available energy at the inverter output is the energy in the AC side of the inverter, once all the losses within the inverters have been taken into account.

I would like to understand the meaning of the terms "Array virtual energy at MPP", "Array reference energy for PR" and "Array nominal energy (at STC effic.)"

Best regards, and thank you very much in advance for your help.

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