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Oversizing SolarEdge Optimizers


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The latest guidelines from SolarEdge indicate that string sizes may be up to 15,000 w. PVsyst V 6.43 does not allow oversizing. What parameters do I change to increase the allowable wattage on a SolarEdge optimizer string?

Thanks in advance

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A current workaround to this limitation is to design shorter strings, just for the PVsyst simulation (in practice you will install with the over-sized strings).

This will have no effect on the simulation.

So for example: you want to design an SE27.6K inverter with 3 strings of 22 power optimizers (each optimizer connecting to 2 modules in series, so the result is 66 power optimizers = 132 modules). PVsyst perhaps limits the string length to 18 optimizers, so you could instead specify 6 strings of 11 power optimizers, giving you the same result (66 power optimizers/132 modules).

Any mathematical combination will work, as long as you get the number of modules you want.

See the attached image.


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