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IAM factor calculation


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I am working on a project to find the impact of different ARC on solar PV cells and glass.

How can I use PVsyst to simulate the performance of different ARC materials?

In this respect I would also like to know:

Does the b0 value in the IAM factor tab (in detailed losses) consider the impact of ARC on glass and cell as a single factor?

Is the value of b0 = 0.05 representative of SiNx ARC on cell?

How do I modify the b0 values to capture the use of a new ARC material other than SiNx?

Thanks and regards,


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You can manage the IAM parameters in "Detailed Losses > IAM".

You can change the bo factor, or define a customized IAM profile.

Here you have also a detailed tool for the analysis and comprehension of this IAM loss.

But sorry, we don't have reliable information about one or another product.

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