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Bug in version 6.4.3 importing meteo data


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I just started using version 6.4.3 of PVsyst, and found a bug in importing ascii meteo data. When I click on the "start conversion" button after having filled everything else out, the reference year value keeps going back to zero. This causes repeated error messages and bad import of data.

As a check, I did the same thing in version 6.4.2 and had no problem. So I think this is indeed a bug.

Congratulations on all the new features (such as degradation)!

BTW: One suggestion: It would be nice if, when you release a new version, you indicate differences from the previous version such as new features and bug fixes.

Best regards,


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For the initial year specification when importing ASCII data, I don't know. At first sight we didn't modify anything here. We will check.

For the list of modification, it is indeed in the release notes when you download the new version.

You can get all modifications in the "Readme.TXT" file, or on our web site, menu "Software > Software developments".

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Andre: Thanks for pointing me to the modifications list - this is very helpful, and I'm glad it exists!

Jose: I tried the work around you suggested, thanks. It works roughly, but somehow now the file name that I enter doesn't get respected (it gets overwritten by another name).

I'll stick with 6.4.2 in the meantime. That one doesn't have this bug.

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