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Heterogeneous Sub Arrays

Taylor McKay

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the problem is that 'shading' is not recognizing the two different azimuths in the near shadings scene since the azimuths are so close together. When I define heterogeneous orientation, in ‘orientation’ and 2 subfields (one being mixed azimuth) in ‘system’ with an azimuth difference of only 16 degrees in the shading scene its telling me I have defined heterogeneous in the orientation but not in the shading scene.



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The 3D shadings part doesn't recognize field orientations as "different" when the angle difference between their true orientation is less than 3°.

You can modify this limit of 3° in the main menu "Preferences" / "Hiden parameters" / "Detailed Simulation Verification Conditions", topic "Shadings: max orientation difference between shading planes".

NB: the "true" orientation is calculated in the 3D space by the scalar product between both orientation vectors.

For example, if you have 10° tilt planes with 16° azimth difference, you have an orientation difference of 3°. This value is shown in the "Orientation" dialog, label "Angle between planes".

NB: With such a low difference in orientation, you can also avoid using "heterogeneous planes" and choose a single average plane (say, at 8°oriention).

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I have a same problem!

I am trying to make a model of solar farm in PVsyst. In my design I have got two fields

Field A Tilt=20 degree & Azimuth=0 Panels=37020

Field B Tilt=20 degree & Azimuth=0 Panels= 9330

I want to run these two fields in one simulation thats why I am choosing heterogeneous (Double orientation). Am I choosing Right?

In 3D shading model I am using PV planes in Sheds. Am I choosing Right?

When I make the Model, It gives me the warning that (Heterogeneous orientation was chosen but not for shading scene). I am unable to simulate this model.

How can I simulate this Design?

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Your 2 fields are on the same orientation, therefore you don't need to define heterogeneous fields.

In the "Orientation" part, you should simply choose "Fixed tilted plane".

Then, choosing to define "PV planes in sheds" is quite correct in the 3D shading part.

You can construct any number of "PV planes in sheds" objects in your system, provided that you have the same orientation and a sufficient area for putting all the modules you have defined.

NB: When you choose "Heterogeneous fields", the 3D shading construction waits for 2 fields (or groups of fields) in 2 different orientations.

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