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Problem with "Near Shadings"


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Hello, everyone

When i make my 3D model, it gives me warning "The orientation of the collector plane for shadings doesn't match the one defined in the Orientation parameters of the PV array" and "You should correct the shading scene or update the orientation's parameters". The things is that in Orientation i didn't give the optimal filed parameteres that the program gave me because i don't like the dispolsal of the panels. Instead i gave the program a different azimuth. I guess that is the problem. So can i make the shading factor tables active with my prefer parameteres or i must insert the correct ones?

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Yes, that was my mistake and i corrected that but i still get the warning "The object CommentEdit is very near to the PV array Shed field" and i can't understand the meaning of it?!

Sorry but english is not my native language :)

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