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Hay and Perez model In Pv Syst 6.41


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Now I am using Pv Syst 6.41

I am trying to an existing variant run with Perez model to run alternatevely with Hay model. Althou I change in Preference > Physical models the report still mentions Perez and the result does not change.

Do I have to try something else ?

I checked in 6.39 again and I had no problem chamging the model.

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If you read the instructions on the dialog in "Preferences", you will read this:

"This choice is for use outside of a project (tools, database and new projects).

The model choice for actual simulations is now defined in the project's parameters".

The project's parameters are defined under the button "Albedo & Settings" in the Project's dialog.

Sometimes reading the instructions in PVsyst may avoid loosing time...

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