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Tracking Sheds with Trans-Axial Slope and Backtracking

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I'd like to model a N-S axis tracker with a trans-axial slope (tracker sheds are on a sloped hill) and includes backtracking

I believe there is no functionality for shed-to-shed slope and backtracking with N-S axis trackers at the moment. Has there been any development or updates? Is backtracking trackers at multiple elevations in the works? Is there a work-around way to model this scenario in the mean time?



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The backtracking calculation is made analytically.

It is a very complex calculation, I have not established the algorithms for special cases like tiltd slope between trackers.

The only way for doing this in full generality would be to use a successive approximation process at each hour.

Now if you have an irregular altitude distribution (for example on a hill), the backtracking has to be computed according to the "worst case" tracker's pair configuration.

It cannot be optimal for the full array. If you want a "real" backtracking for the full array, you have to compute the orientation of each pair of trackers independently.

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