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Backtracking at different Phi min and Phi max


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I have ctreated a tracking system Tilted that is moving from East to West

I have compared backtracking vs backtracking and backtracking (Phi min -45 Phi max 45) seems to have more Yield

I have compared backtracking (Phi min -45 Phi max 45) and backtracking (Phi min -55 Phi max 55) and the -55/55 seems to have better results. Is this feasible ?

I had in my mind that as the backtracking is more productive at -45/45 the -55/55 should give same results as the tracking angle in order to avoid shading should not be different

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These seem logical when with backtracking have worst results

The backtracking even at -45/45 seem to have better energy production results than no backtracking

So the backtracking changes the tracking angle to avoid shading

Taking into account that the Dimention and string configuration does not change when using -55/55 backtracking you will have shading too and the backtracking will correct the tracking angle.

The potition that with backtracking have not no shadings shouldn't be the same for -45/45 and -55/55 . So I had considered that actually this two different options make the same rotation withbacktracking.

What am I soosing?

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