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Near Shadings > Compute Shading Factor crashes the program


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I am using PVsyst to model a 1.1MW system. When I go to 'Near Shadings' and select 'According to Module Strings', I get the warning, "Please compute shading factor table". I press the button to compute, (it doesn't matter whether I choose 'linear' or 'module strings'), and the program gets through maybe three angles before it crashes. It crashes no matter what I do. I have tried modeling the array as one-shed-per-module, and I've tried modeling it with the automatic partitions.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks,


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This is a constant problem with PVSyst5.66. I left the near shading scene running for 3 hours the other day but it didn't work. So I had to change my shading to linear. Is there a different method or setting change that we can do to fix this issue without changing to Linear shading option?

Thank you

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