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Question about the new version of PVsys


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Good Morning,

My name is João Jorge and I’m new MagPower worker. At the moment We only work with yours trial version. My partner have the previous versions of your software and he don’t have any problems. However I have install the last version (v6.42) and I can’t import the pan files (.ond) of the inverters that I want to use. The inverter is the sunny tripower 20000TL-30 of the SMA inverters but your software says that file who I want import is not compatible with the new version of PVsyst. Have you any suggest how I can import this data file?

I await a response soon,

Best regards,

João Jorge MagPower

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I had a look on your file: it is not an .OND file, but a copy of the EXCEL line representing an inverter.

You could import it in PVsyst by "copying" the file contents, and importing it in the Inverter's definition (button "Paste from Table").

But you file is not valid: the Voltage definitions for the 3-voltage efficiency are missing.

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