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Simulate an OVERsized Inverter


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Hi all, this is my first post. We are possibly receiving a good deal on a certain inverter that works well with the Tesla PowerWall battery. I would like to model the inverter's performance over a couple of different scenarios including oversizing the array and undersizing the array. I know how to adjust the 'Albedo - Settings' to work around the overload loss for an undersized inverter, but I can't find a way to simulate an OVERsized inverter. This is the equipment that I am running for the scenario, for simplicity's sake, let's leave the battery out for now:

Module: LG 315 N1C-G4 (I would like to see the inverter's performance for 13 of them)

Optimizer: SolarEdge P320 (13, 1 for each module)

Inverter: SolarEdge SE 7600A-US 240V

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks - Dayton

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I am trying to run a simulation where there is only 1 string of 18 Silfab SLG-330M panels connected to a Fronius Symo 30.0-3/480 inverter. When I close the System page it will not allow me to simulate and states "System definitions: the inverter power is strongly oversized." Is there any option that I can toggle in order to run this simulation?


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One string of your modules represents 5.94 kWp.

It doesn't make sense to choose an inverter of 30 kWp for an array of only 5.9 kWp. This inverter will have a very bad efficiency.

An inverter of 5 kW would be largely sufficient.

You can modify this limit in the hidden parameters, topic "Detailed Simulation Verification Conditions".

However this would be a very bad idea.

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