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User Load Data Import Changed? - v6.4


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Is it just me or has the user's needs load data import been changed/broken on the new 6.4/6.4.1 versions.

I cannot import data files in the same format I previously could - and all attempts to follow the help instructions have failed.

I get the following when I try to import csv data - 8760 rows plus headers, two columns - date and power in kW





Data file here - https://www.dropbox.com/s/3itoqflcuniq9oz/Mackay_Load%20Profile_1%20year.csv?dl=0

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Yes, the format for importing Hourly Load data has been changed.

You have now to prepare a file in the "Standard PVsyst format" as described in the help "Project design > User's needs ("load") > Load profile: ASCII file definition".

Sorry for the inconvenience, it was necessary for a modernization of the PVsyst Load management.

This format will also be useful for importing other parameters in Hourly values in future versions.

You have a template of this file in "c:\ Program Files (x86) \ PVsyst6.x.x \ DataRO \ PVsyst640_Data \ UserData\ Hourly_Parameter_Template.CSV" (or ... \ SubHourly_Parameter_Template.CSV).

Your own data file should be placed in your workspace \ PVsyst640_Data \ UserHourlyParams \

NB: Thank you for your example file: I tried it and it works correctly (see the graphs after importing).

Just the file Preview does not work correctly: it doesn't recognize the comma as separator. I will correct this.

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