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Problem with "PV tables (one ore more rectangles)"


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Dear All,

I've a problem when I create a 3d scenario.

I'm trying to create an array of several rows (31) with different lenghts, using "PV tables (one ore more rectangles)".

Everything is ok and looks really nice...I've also saved the job several times, but once I exit from the editor everything is lost.

In fact, when I load by "reading the scenario", I don't see my array but just 2 lines.....and the active surface is extremely small (rectangle with dimension equal to zero).

I repeated several times the work but always the same problem.

Please, let me know how can I move forward.

thanks in advance for your reply.

kind regards,


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Sorry, the option for creating "PV tables (one ore more rectangles)" doesn' exist in the main menu. So I don't know what you did.

When you exit the editor by the red cross (top right), this means that you exit by "Cancel" (it is a Windows standard). Therefore you loose your modifications.

However in the 3D editor, there is a warning inviting you to keep your modifications anyway.

The normal way for exiting the 3D editor is to use the main menu "File > Close".

Now if you had saved your scene on a *.SHD file, you should be able to read it.

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