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could someone give me a list of the definition of that values stored inside .vci (i= 0-9, A-Z) File. Most of them are number, i need some hints what which number means.

Also the module layout is a series of numbers. Would be nice to know what each value stands for.

It should be no problem to make a quick list for the developers, because at some points you are parsing this in PVsyst. So there must be some kind of file format documentation.

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In the version 6.40, we have implemented PVsyst data files as text files.

However this is for the internal use of PVsyst. It is not meant for manipulating the files.

These files are written with high internal coherency ensured by the program. If you modify them the results are not guaranteed.

Therefore you don't need to know the signification of each item.

We don't intend to give a description of the hundreds of parameters and their organization.

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