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How do I get writing rights on my working folders ?

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You should obtain the Windows writing rights on the working folders of PVsyst, i.e.

- c: \ ProgramData \ PVsyst \ Admin \

- c: \ ProgramData \ PVsyst \ Data \

For making these folders writable:

- open the Windows file explorer by right-clicking the icon and choose "Run as an administrator".

- Right-click the folder \Admin\, choose "Properties" / "Security", and here you can manage the writing rights on this folder for your session.

- Do the same with the \Data\ folder, and everything should be ready for using PVsyst.

If you don't see the folder c:\ProgramData\PVsyst\ , this is a hidden folder.

If you don't succeed, on very well protected machines, you have to ask your IT specialist for doing this.

NB: Under XP, you should do this from a User session beneficiating of Administrator rights.

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