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How to Change all Currency to CDN DOLLARS


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Hi All,

I am using version 6.40 and I am in the grid presizing stage. In the results tab, you can click the "Edit Cost" button. There it shows all values in their default, $ EU/Watt values; I want to change all of those to $ CDN/Watt and it will not allow for it. Even if I try to click the default check box, it will not allow for it. At the top of this page, it reads, "These parameters should be modified only by expert users !." Does anyone know how to change the eu$/W to Cdn$/W?


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This location which stores the basic prices for the pre-sizing is in the "Hidden parameters". These are basic values, not really meant for being modified by users.

Here it is only possible to specify basic prices in Euros.

Now in all places where costs are involved in the software, you can choose the currency, and specify the exchange rates as you like (the exchange rates database is not really up-to-date: please check the values when using it !).

The prices in EUROs specified in the Hidden parameters will be converted in the chosen currency.

NB: Please be very careful with this pre-sizing tool and the proposed prices: this is a very rough tool, just to be used for a very first evaluation of the potential of a project.

More reliable results will of course be provided by the detailed simulation ("Project design"), and here, in the economic evaluation, you can specify your prices directly in your own currency.

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