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PVsyst simulation using spectral irradiance datasets


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I would like to know if it is possible to use PVsyst for modeling PV plant outcome based on spectral radiance datasets. Usually, we use broadband irradiation datasets. PVsyst is affecting a spectral correction model to correct this data in order to get the part of the radiation that can actually be used by modules. Therefore spectral mismatch is a source of uncertainty. In order to limit uncertainty of modeling, we would like to know if is is actually possible to use data registered with a calibrated PV Reference Device in PVsyst. Do you agree on the fact, that overall uncertainty should be lower?

Tank you for your answer.

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In the present time, PVsyst performs an irradiance correction for amorphous modules only.

Spoectral effect is usually admitted as rather low in yearly simulations for crystalline modules.

We will probably develop a possibility of taking a spectral correction into account in a next version, but not before several months. This is not in our first priorities.

By the way such a tool will deal with spectral corrections models (as a function, for example, of the water contents of the amosphere).

Now for the use of a reference cell, please see our FAQ For Meteo measurements, should we use a pyranometer or a reference cell ?

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