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Are PVsyst's algorithms considering the different cell temperatures in mixed orientation designs?


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hope this question has not been asked before...

I am to decide for an upgrade of PVsyst from V5 to V6 for simulations of mixed orientation (east and west) systems on single MPP-tracker inverters.

Since the yield differences for symmetrically balanced east and west oriented strings in such cases don't seem to be much different to a single orientation design, I am wondering, wether PVsyst is simulating the different cell temperatures in the calculation process.

For instance in the afternoon, the cell temperature of the west-oriented modules - as a rule - ought to be significantly higher due to direct irradiation than the east-oriented cells. This higher temperature decreases the voltage of the west-oriented strings. So, the mismatch between east and west strings would be comparatively high(er).

Is PVsyst treating this physical condition in the simulation process correspondingly?

Would be happy to get feedback on this issue,



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