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adding interval data


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I am presently using the trial version and getting along with my first project. I have so far been unable to find out how to add the 'Interval data' of my client. I feel sure that the interval data must be able to loaded to be able to see how the pv production matches the load profile but find no mention of it in the tutorial . Can you please point me in the right direction to do this this. I see the program calculates the power purchased from the grid. the power consumed by the user and power fed to the grid It seems logical that the historical meter interval data for the power purchased from the grid must be able to be loaded into pcsyst.

Also I imagine it is possible to add peak and off peak tariffs for energy from the retailer to assess the financial performance of a system if so can you please explain how to do do this. Many thanks

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When using the "NetMetering" option, you should specify the energy user's needs (the self-consumption).

You have several way for doing that, including the option "Load values read on ASCII file".

Here you can prepare a CSV file (for example in EXCEL) with hourly values.

Sorry, in the present time the sub-hourly values (for example values by 15 minutes) are not treated. You have to construct a file (in EXCEL) with corresponding hourly values. This will be available in a next version of PVsyst.

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