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Module Layout Not Matching Shading Scene


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I am having a problem where the shading scene that I have defined is not being accurately reflected in the Module Layout screen. There are three PV regions defined in my shading layout (see attachment), two at 9 degrees tilt and 0 degrees azimuth and one (which is circled) at 9 degrees tilt and 90 degrees azimuth. I have already defined the two orientations, meteo, losses, and system parameters and have no errors there. When I enter the Module Layout the two regions that are at 9 degrees tilt and 0 degrees azimuth show correctly, but the region that has 9 degrees tilt and 90 degrees azimuth does not show in the correct location or orientation. Thank you for any information on how to solve this problem



Shading Layout



Module Layout

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This is not an error.

In the "Module Layout" part, where we are interested in filling an available area (called "table") with modules, the Module Layout working area doesn't represent the shading scene.

Each table is shown in its own referential, and you can displace these tables as you like for "optimizing" the ease of use of this tool.

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