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Shading losses


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Good morning,

I have some problems when I get the inform of a shading implementation. I want to calculate which productions can I get with a tracker of one single axis N-S without backtracking. In "Near shadings" I made the construction with a space of 3 meters between rows and then I click to the button "Table" to get the "shading factor for diffuse and for albedo" and I get 0.076 for diffuse and 0.843 for albedo.

Then, at the Report, after the simulation, it appears "Attenuation for diffuse: 0.022 and albedo 0.000"

What can I do to get the same results at the Report? How can I solve this problem? In case you need the files of the project, shadings, etc. I can send you.

Thanks in advance.


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Sorry, I don't see where you find this information in the simulation report.

This may indeed appear under the "Shading table" and the "Isoshading" diagram.

For fixed orientation systems, the shading factor for Diffuse and Albedo are fixed values (result of the integral of the Shading factor for all sky directions), and calculated from the Shading Factor Table.

The problem with tracking systems, is that this integral should be calculated for each plane orientation. That is, the Shading table should be established for each orientation.

This is done within PVsyst for some few orientations (7 with tilted axis) , and the simulation will interpolate between these attenuation values according to the tracker's orientation. But this is not shown as a result.

The Attenuation factor for diffuse and albedo calculated from the shading table (with rotating trackers) doesn't have any signification. We should not show these values.

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