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Results change dramatically when changing version of PV Syst

Daniel S

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Using PV Syst 6.34 I get about 36,2 MWh of output energy from my system. However, not changing any parameters or indata, when I switch to Pv Syst 6.39 I get from the same model 38 MWh of output. I rechecked input data twice in report form, nothing has changed but the results. Can you help me figure out why? I have a system using SolarEdge inverters with optimizers. I have noticed that the result report at the end that states "Loss diagram over the year" is different between the versions of PV Syst when handling an inverter with optimizer, but I cannot see what specifically has changed.



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For comparing results of different runs, please use the "Array loss diagram". This usually immediately indicates where is the discrepancy.

As I saw on your data, there is indeed a problem with the calculation of the SolarEdge configuration in the version 6.34. We were not aware of this error up to now, and I don't know the cause.

However this doesn't happen anymore in the version 6.39.

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