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Effect of Panel Elevation on Albedo Reflected Irradiation


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I'm assuming that if a PV panel is located fairly high off the ground, at some point, there will be a significant decrease in albedo reflected irradiation will decrease due to the increased distance between the ground and the panel.

Does PVsyst take into account the height a PV panel is off the ground when calculating the albedo reflected irradiation? Would this be a significant factor, for example, if a the bottom of a row of panels was located a couple of metres off the ground to avoid shading due to snow build-up during the winter, or for the top row of panels on a large array?

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In the transposition models used by PVsyst, the albedo contribution on a plane corresponds to a reflexion of the terrain areas far from the installation. The very near albedo is probably negligible, and indeed not taken into account explicitely in the model. Therefore the height of the PV array is not really significant.
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