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Picking Rsh and Rs when module not in database


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When a PV module is not in the database, I sometimes create a new .pan file by modifying the specifications of a module that is in the database. Now I am wondering about the proper way to fix Rseries and Rshunt in this case: should I just modify the "Basic data" tab in the .pan file and let Rseries and Rshunt be adjusted according to whatever algorithm was in place, or should I also go to the "Model parameters" tab and set Rsh and Rs to "Default" values? In other words, when creating or modifying a .pan file, should we pick "default" for Rseries and Rshunt, or not?

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You should in principle not change the Rshunt value. The default value of PVsyst is rather realistic.

For the Rserie, which is closely related to the low-light performance: if you avail of Low-light efficiency reliable measurement you can adjust the Rserie accordingly. Otherwise you are advidsed to keep the PVsyst default values (checkbox on the right of the edit box).

Please see How should the Rserie value be specified? in the FAQ.

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