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Error when asking a site from Meteonorm

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The Meteonorm DLL used in PVsyst (program provided by the Meteonorm team), requires that you have the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or later installed on your PC.

If it is not installed or obsolete, you should install it either from Microsoft website or by using Windows Update.

However due to the fact that Microsoft has stopped the maintenance of Windows XP, this version 4.5 of .NET cannot be installed on XP. Therefore you cannot use the Meteonorm DLL V7 in PVsyst under Windows XP. The only solution is to pass to a higher version of Windows.

NB: The synthetic generation of hourly values from monthly values uses the Meteonorm algorithm. Therefore it is also impossible when working under XP.

In the next versions from V6.40, PVsyst will use the internal algorithm of PVsyst for this synthetic generation when .NET V4.5 is unavailable.

Now Meteonorm also sometimes produces an error for some given sites (very rarely).

If you get such an error, slightly modifying the coordinates (latitude or longitude) usually corrects the problem.

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