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CSV Import/Export for Near Shading Scene


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Hello André,

thanks for this forum and also for the suggestions topic.

My conception of how the data for the objects in near shading scene stored is a bit blurry, but I hope it is possible to implement this suggestion.

Exporting the scene to a .csv file, editing that file and then importing again to PVsyst would save enourmous time in editing big and complicated projects.

I believe the objects has several parameters such as; x-y-z coordinates, tilt, azimuth, slope, baseline slope, pitch, misalign, dimensions and spacings, origin point etc.

If I am not wrong, at the moment there is no possibility to change the some of these parameters(such as slope or baseline slope) as a batch process and a way to adjust other parameters in an area or whole scene according to the changed parameter.

On the other hand this would make it possible to design a big power plant without any visual construction but with constructing a csv file.


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Managing the shading scene in a CSV file is really not a simple thing it the general way. You have quite a lot of different kinds of objects, with different parameters and a specific construction.

In the next version 6.40, the data files (including the *.SHD file) will be available in text format with "key-value" pairs, so that you will perhaps be able to slighlty modify your shading scene.

But the program has its own logics, and respecting this logic will not be easy.

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Hi André,

thanks for your answer and the new novelties in the software. Right now the ground data import is saving a lot of time.

However, would it be possible to import a "Zone" in a similar way from a .csv file?


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