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I built up a tracking system in the near shading part. Everything works well in that part. When I go to module layout, it constantly puts extra modules in until I mess with the settings enough to force it into only putting the amount in that i have my system designed to. Why does it add extra modules above my designed system? Also, when I do get the module count right I still can't simulate the system because I am told the shading area is lower than the PV modules area. Even though the active system area is 8289m^2 and the shading area is 8826m^2. Please help.
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I don't understand well the first question. In the module layout part, you can add or suppress modules using the righ button of the mouse.

When defining the "Module layout" part, you have to define exactly the number of modules you have specified in your array in the "system" part.

Now for the second question, if you have different sub-arrays in different orientations, the fields of each orientation (in the 3D system) should have sufficient area for installing the modules specified for the sub-arrays in this orientatinon.

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