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How to Export All panel data in Pvsys


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Dear all.

I am working with research project .I wanted panel, inverter database for calculation& selection process. From Pvsys how can get all competent data base.

I have followed below steps

open pvsys-> tools->component database -> panel database -> selected multiple panel list -> choose export option-> i got the message as below. when i checked the path. i found only single component being recorded. How to get all component data base for panel & inverter

There is another path where i get details but its in .PAN extensions . how to open .Pan extention file.


Is there any method i can get all database for solar panel basic data used for calculations?? Please suggest me method to download it.

I am using pvsys 5.42 evaluation version

In help file in component.xls it said that

Transferring a component from PVsyst to EXCEL :

In PVsyst, open a component.

Click the button "Export to Table". This will store the whole module data into the clipboard.

Go to EXCEL (or open a text file in a text file editor)

"Paste" the contents of the clipboard as an Excel line.

In EXCEL, if the data are not well dispatched in cells, please use the menu "Data"/"Conversion",

and check the box "Separated" / "Separator Semicolon".



pvsys export

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You cannot export the whole table at a time.

You can export a selection of components using "Databases > PV modules", When you choose the button "Export", you have the opportunity of selectring several devices using the Shift key.

You will find a template of the EXCEL file "Components.XLS" for receiving these data in c:\Program Files (x86)\PVsyst6.xx\DataRO\PVsyst6_Data\User\

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Yes I found template of excel file . But i found i could not able to get Selected Pv Module.what is use of choosing multiple pvmodule when we cant extract data.

I am using pvsys 6.3.9 latest version. In excel sheet it said you can extract multiple pvmodule . Do you know how the process it. I could not able to understand

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