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Working with ground elevation files


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Currently I am able to successfully import a ground file into a PVsyst shading construction scene from .csv form. I am then able to click 'position tables on scene' so that they become attached to this ground.

Here is where I get stuck;

At this point, a second orientation gets automatically created. i.e. my original orientation I specified was 20 deg tilt, 0 deg azimuth. The new orientation created has a 20.1 deg tilt and a 5.3 deg azimuth.

When checking validity it tells me that for my original orientation, the shading area is lower than the PV modules area, which was not the case before I brought in the ground file.

After closing the construction window it tells me that I've now defined two orientations and need to update my parameters, so I click update. It then reiterates about the shading area for orientation 1 being lower than the pv area, and seems to suggest how my area should be split between the two orientations, but I wouldn't know which sub arrays to alter without blind guessing, plus the two suggested areas don't add up to my original area. I've attached a screenshot which I hope helps explain the warnings I'm getting.

Until I understand how to adapt my shading scene to work with ground data, I am only able to perform energy calculations without ground data.

If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated as I am very new to this software.

- Furthermore, the trees I created as elementary shading objects do not become attached to the ground. They remain in their original position with a Z value of 0. I can't see a tool like 'position shading objects on scene'. Is it hidden, or do I manually need to apply what I think is the relevant Z value to each shading object?

Many thanks


screenshots of near shading window

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Quick update,

I established that one of my arrays was located on a slightly more complex area of terrain, and as a result, each table/shed had received a baseline slope of 2 degrees when I positioned them on the scene. When I tried manually changing them all to 1 degree, the problem I had seemed to disappear and I was able to run my calculation

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