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My PVsyst crashes at each opening of a project

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PVsyst is able to read the files produced by any older versions. But the inverse is not true (upwards compatibility).

When trying to open a file created by a newer version, the data formatting may not be recognized, and it may crash (sometimes with the message "Ask for XXX memory bytes).

This arises namely when you try to open a file of version >= 6.40 in a version <= 6.39: The format from V 6.40 has been completely changed (text files). There is also a significant format change between V 6.53 and 6.60.

Now when opening the "Projects" part, PVsyst tries to load the latest project and latest Caculation Version used in the previous sessions.

If this file is corrupted (or more recent) this will result in a crash of this kind.

For avoiding this the only way is to manually remove the concerned file (project) from your data (using the Windows file explorer in your " \PVsyst6_Data\Projects\" directory).

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